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Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich

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On our last afternoon in Zürich, Rory and A and I met up with A's aunt, uncle, and cousin at the Kunsthaus. After spending three days mostly surrounded by medieval and early modern visual culture, I was ready to see more modern art and wander around looking at pieces I actually recognized. Of course, we ended up taking more time in the medieval rooms anyway, but I still got some time with Van Gogh and Monet, so all was okay. 

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We sat in front of Rodin's "The Gates of Hell" waiting for A's aunt and uncle to arrive. Rory was enamored with the sculpture. Its aesthetic fits in with the vibes we both had going last year, but I was less moved, and A and I ended up taking selfies to send his mom instead (well, the one on the left, anyway – I tried being more serious on my own, but wasn't isn't exactly convincing.) 

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I'm one to appreciate the interior architecture of a museum almost as much as the artwork itself, and the Kunsthaus had an interesting thing going with carpeted floors. You don't see carpet in many museums, but I was almost convinced. Standing on carpet after hours on hard floors is welcome. 

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What Swiss museum doesn't at least have a section dedicated to cows? 

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Kunsthaus Zurich 9.png

So 1930s that I can't. 

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The museum had a room dedicated to somewhat unusual waterlily paintings. I grew up toddling around the Art Institute of Chicago and I developed a predictable love for the Impressionists before I even learned how to speak properly. Consequently, Monet is greatly comforting to me, and after a long three days, sitting and staring at his brushstrokes for a few minutes helped restore a sense of peace in me. 

The Kunsthaus was the perfect last stop in Zürich. I got my fill of modern art, restored my aesthetic balance, and we ended the trip on a lovely note. We walked to the train station with A's aunt, uncle, and cousin afterwards, and I'm glad we got to spend a bit more time with them after staying with them. Two weeks on, everything about our Zürich trip is memorably positive (save maybe for my insecurity-induced academic meltdown), but the museum afternoon is already standing out as my favorite part of the trip. 

All clothes are my own, but I may earn a small commission through source linksDress - old J.Crew. Scarf: Hermès. 



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On Co-writing, Co-presenting & Getting Back to Things