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 Another Museum Sunday

Another Museum Sunday

Neuch 1.png

The end of summer this year seems to be all about A taking me to his favorite local museums. He took me to his favorites in Lausanne (in early August), the Landesmuseum and the Kunsthaus in Zurich (this weekend), and the Musées d'Art et d'Histoire in Neuchâtel (two-ish weeks ago) and in Fribourg (yesterday!). I'll get to all of them with time, but today I'm going to share pictures from Neuchâtel.

A's been talking about an incredible room at the museum in Neuchâtel basically since our second date last year. He visited the museum with his grandparents the day after our first date and has been promising that I'll love it ever since. The pictures he posted on Instagram don't really give away how truly amazing it is, so I was honestly a bit skeptical — Pre-Raphaelite painting aside, we don't tend to be passionate about the same kind of art.  hankfully, I was wrong about this. 

Neuch 2.png

You walk up a few steps of the main staircase of the museum, and you know something magnificent is awaiting you. Literally everything about the room is amazing. The staircase walls are covered in Symbolist paintings depicting scenes of Neuchâtel that combine the divine with the mundane, and the ceilings arch over all in calming shades of blue. 

Neuch 3.jpg

Stained glass windows depicting dancing girls light the room, and imprinted walls plaster the landing. 

Neuch 5.png
Neuch 6.png
Neuch 7.png
Neuch 8.png

Everything is blue, green, and brass, and I'm still not over the turn of the century madness. I spent so much time taking pictures of the room and handed my camera over to A so I could get all the details on my phone as well. 

Neuch 9.png
Neuch 10.png
Neuch 11.png

I'm just architecturally and artistically awed by this room and the only other thing I have to say is 🙌🏻.

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On Co-writing, Co-presenting & Getting Back to Things

On Co-writing, Co-presenting & Getting Back to Things

A Walk Outside Neuchâtel

A Walk Outside Neuchâtel