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Life Lately: June-July 2017

Life Lately: June-July 2017

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This last month has been an interesting one, stretching out eternally but also rushing by. A and I went to the UK a few days after my last post: first to York so A could present at his first academic conference and then to Edinburgh on a nice holiday. It was very peaceful going back to York. I wrote about my experiences with the city last year – my angst and my much happier return – and I'm happy to say this year's visit was even happier than last's. I have no upset left, and it was just a peaceful return to places full of memories. 


I didn't spend much time at the conference that was at the center of the trip – it was a Medieval conference, and I can now comfortably say my time as a medievalist is over. I learned all I wanted to learn and got to a place where I no longer feel the need to prove myself amongst my medievalists. I only went to support A during his panel and mingled during a lunch and a dinner. It was enough. 

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It was, also, very hot. Northern England is not made to endure heat, and temperatures were above 30°C for several of our days in York. I consequently did far less on my own, spending more time sipping iced lattes at Perky Peacock and Brew & Brownie than walking around. 


We did get some time in to explore on our last morning in the city though. I'll post more on that over on The Attic on Eighth in the coming weeks, but it was nice to finally discover the museums in the city. A had done them all before my visits and none of them had had exhibits to my interest the last times, but we made it to both the Art Gallery and the Yorkshire Museum this time. 


Edinburgh, then, was amazing. I've always wanted to go to Edinburgh and have spent the last decade romanticizing it. There was almost no way the city could have met my expectations, but it did. My favorite thing about traveling with A is that it's hard to be disappointed. All the little things that would upset me otherwise don't, and I feel comfortable wherever we go. He makes the things that make me anxious melt away, and as a very anxious traveler, that's an unbelievable gift. I'm going to make another post on The Attic on Eighth with the details of our trip to Edinburgh, so look for specifics and photos over there, though you can also find some of my photos over on my Instagram.  Already up is my bookshop guide to Edinburgh

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And since being back from our trip? I spent a weekend in Neuchâtel, going to the NIFFF (the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival) to see The Little Hours. It was quite an experience. Otherwise, I've mostly spent my time reading and working on The Attic. I've done some reading for my thesis, casually, but I've mostly been enjoying relaxing with leisure reads – my favorite so far has been Fates and Furies. It's been nice to have a project to work on that you want to spend all of your free time on, so I'm really loving the Attic on Eighth experience. I hope you are too!

Next up: A and I travel to France to spend a week at his grandmother's childhood home! 

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